Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mia is three months old today, hooray

Mia has been so sweet and only cries when hungry or tired. Sounds like she is getting her voice!

Happy birthday baby girl, you are so so sweet and wonderful. We love your little smiles and first gurgles of delight.


Anonymous said...

This is the most gorgeous picture of Mia I have seen and a super picture of you too Jon. Each month since June we have marked the 20th and 21st. Very different emotions: sadness and at the same time a real sense of gratitude that Sasha was so special and we were able to share her world in an intense way, followed by the joy of Mia's safe arrival. What was so extraordinary, the timing of the 2 events, will always remain so as long as we live.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little girl. I tried so hard to bring ours out into the world on your three month birthday, for three reasons: it would have been wonderful for the two of you to share the 21st for your birthdays seeing as she will be your best friend in montreal (whether you like it or not!), I was convinced she would be born today, AND I'm so darn uncomfortable right now that I just want this baby out of my body!
Alas, no baby yet...we'll have to wait some more. Maybe some chinese food is in order for dinner tonight.
All this to say little Mia Ruby, continue to blossom into the delightful little girl you are already becoming. You bring so much joy to everyone around you. And happy new year too!

All my love,
Your mommy's best friend in Montreal.

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