Monday, June 26, 2006

Sasha's day

Today was Sasha's day but I wanted to share pictures of you sleeping peacefully. You had such a lovely rest you kept Momma up with feeds from 10.30pm to 2am! You were so comforting to us as we laid your sister to rest and as we sang the shiva service to Sasha.


Anonymous said...

good morning Mia-It's Monday and before I start my work,I came to the websites to start my day off with a smile from you and sasha.

Love you both!
kisses to mommy and daddy

Auntie Jessie

margot said...

awww..mia, you are so adorable. sasha must be one proud older sister! i am looking forward to meeting you very soon!!

p.s. i know you want a better picture up soon..but the one you have up is so darn cute!!!!!

love cousin mongo..xoxoxo (your mommy gave me that name when i was little)