Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Such a joy

Mia you give us such happiness and it was a wonderful moment to have Dr Peer lay his hands on you for the first time, measure your length and head, note you have put on 2oz and lie you on your tummy to see you raise your head. The normal jaundice we expect to pass in a few weeks. Burly invited us to PEI in August to visit them on holiday so we have a wonderful time to look forward to.

So much has been said of Mia's connection to Sasha and it has been very comforting. We will treasure Mia in her own right, outside of Sasha's brave struggle. She is gurgling now after a feed. Mia moves from breast to bottle voraciously, she sleeps and lets us sleep, she lets us know when she is hungry without any distress. Hopefully these patterns continue as she gains strength and awareness.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mia Ruby,

It was such an honour to meet you on your birthday. You are beautiful and sweet and so many people love you already. I can't wait to get to know you more. Hopefully we'll be seeing you this summer, here in Montreal.
All of my love to you and your mommy and daddy.

xoxo Anita