Thursday, June 29, 2006

Such a comfort

Beautiful Mia comforts us with her presence, excites us with her energy and surprises us with her voracious appetite for mom's milk. Pamela's hours of breast feeding every day warms my heart. How special it is to see a mother who loves to care and nourish her child. My sleep gets deeper, though I quickly realise in the morning that Pamela was up three, four or five times feeding as Mia's appetite increases. We took a short walk today, as we slept in, hopefully tomorrow we can get our earlier and go to Cedarvale where we had such special walks with Sasha. Enjoy the new pictures of Mia at her website.


s** said...

my my mimi what beauty!
look at the arm span!
she is a sight to behold,
so cozy and sweet and pink,
a soft berry of a girl.
pammy and jonny, you and yours havent been out of mind since we parted ways on sunday. lots of
prayers and love for you.

(24/7 as always)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the new pictures-beautiful and sweet-just like her sister.

love to all
see you soon