Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two sets of letters

Auntie Jess came to put up the letters of your name on the wall of your room. My camera didnt quite get the true colours, Sasha's letters are pink, Mia's are pink polka dots on white.

This is the final day of the shiva for your sister and the heavens let loose in a waterfall of rain and a symphony of thunder and lightning. Meanwhile back in our little house, your name is now beside your sisters and that is a great way to end the shiva week. Tomorrow we go to the synagogue for morning prayers and you get to see Temple Emanu-El where your dad and uncles had a lot of fun as teenagers and learned about our ancestors and their turning to one god from worshipping many gods. Auntie Lynn, with her work among the Cree, can help you appreciate other spiritualities.

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