Saturday, July 08, 2006

Everything is a first

Mia at Paint LakeMia sleeps and feeds during the day then feeds voraciously from about 11pm to 3am. She is a sweet sweet baby who smiles while she dreams.

We went for a first visit to Sasha's friends Jonah and Oliver on Fri night then drove out of the city Saturday to Paint Lake. Mia stayed indoors throughout with Mom and let Dad go for swims with Sam. We had a lovely night with Henry, Marcia and Sean then enjoyed the peace and quiet a few days longer. It was amazing to see Mia here, we met one of the neighbours and saw Sam get beaten back from the water by two ducks looking after their own.

This week Dad returned to work and Mom is with Mia all day. See new photos on Mia's website.


margot said...

mia, you are so cute!! love the pictures!!! can't wait to meet you!


nancy friedland said...

dear mia:
i just wanted to send you a note to say welcome to this wonderful horrible amazing world. i have been coming to your little spot here in the ether and reading about you and your sister and your mom and dad and dog and here's what i think: first of all -- you are gorgeous! and two -- your family is amazing. there is so much love that just pours out from these pages. i come to read about you and your big sister sometimes when i feel consumed by my little problems (tillie bit her new baby brother! the dog barfed!) and it always helps me to get the big picture, to dig a little deeper and find a little more patience, to love my babies a little more. so thank your parents for me, will you? tell them that i think about them and about sasha bella and thank them for sharing their stories.
love, nancy friedland

marcia said...

Another first, your first month - we celebrate you - our Miraculous Mia.
You have grown so well and are obviously enjoying your Mom's milk. It is incredible to think that you were only due now- your early arrival was a godsend.

We wish you good health and joy and look forward to many celebrations, especially your baby naming.
Fondest love from Grampy and Granny