Saturday, July 01, 2006

Our first long walk

We had a quiet day together, starting with a visit to Dr Peer, where Mia weighed in at 6lb 8oz, 2 more than her birth weight, which shows her great appetite. Next visit is in two weeks, then a month later for a first shot. In the afternoon we walked down to Cedarvale and along the ravine to the park and then back out to Vaughan and down to St. Clair. This was a walk Pamela did with your sister Sasha every day and it was our first walk together in Cedarvale since November so it was very special. We bumped into David who was out on a run and he told us about his kite surfing, where you can leave the water and fly up 15 feet. It sounds fantastic. Mia, you give us such joy and I am so happy to hear Mom exclaiming how sweet you are and how funny you are and what a good little girl you are. You are beautiful and we especially love seeing your little smiles while you sleep and dream.

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Cyndi said...

Well hello Mia Ruby,

Welcome to this earth…yah it’s a bit smoggy, but you’ll get used to it. Definitely not as cozy as mommy’s womb.

I know your mom and dad are going through a pretty rough time, but that is their strength and as you grow, you will see how amazing they are (if a bit eccentric at times-especially your mom!) :)

I visited with you the other night, unfortunately you didn’t open those eyes of yours…if they are anything like your mom’s and your sister’s, they will be seen for miles.

Your are as precious as anything could be in this world. And when mommy cries and hurts with you in her arms, I know you are her comfort.

We were all amazed and astounded by your presence into this world (I think your big sis had a hand in that…). But you were just as much a gift to this world and to your family, even during such a tragic time. It was somehow so magical. I am happy to hear that you are such a good baby, giving mommy and daddy a bit of a break, but you spent nine months in your mom, enduring all the emotions that she was and you are probably already wise beyond your years!

Welcome, sweet girl. I know you are in a family that is capable of a love beyond words. You are just as lucky to get them as they are to get you!

Sweet dreams, can’t wait to see those eyes.

Good night,

Cyndi xoxo