Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mia's blanket

Suddenly Mia is all there, staring at us, starting to smile when we rub her cheeks, looking around, getting more vocal, wriggling more strenuously, filling out her 3-6 month clothes, telling us she wants to see the world out of her stroller, raising her voice to be picked up and carried.

She was all eyes when we visited 4D, to introduce Mia to the doctors and nurses who cared so well for her big sister. They held her and enjoyed her weight and strength. They are happy for us that such a difficult time has been followed by such a joyous time. Mia is her own beautiful soul and yet she also comforts us. I love how her baby smell fills her room.

Earlier in the week we visited Bubby for chili and Auntie Raina showed us Mia's blanket and enjoyed her as Bubby looked through Heather's pictures of Sasha to pick one for her wall. Heather provided us a full collection of 5x7 black and whites images of our session. I love the colours in Bubby's house.

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