Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mia's first trip to Montreal

Pamela, Mia and Uncle Edward Klar
Bertha's death was not a happy occassion for Mia's first trip to Montreal but it felt better to be all together with the family from Toronto, Edmonton and San Francisco. I love this picture of Uncle Edward having fun with Mia, glad she brought some joy to the rememberance of a great granny.

Mia and Lynn
We stayed with Lynn while in Montreal and its been almost three years since we visited her place. So much has happened in the meantime.

Mia and JessicaMia is over 15 pounds, here is she is after an explosive poop just as we were leaving. Sleep, eat and run as Jessica changes the sheets. Nice auntie she is.

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Anonymous said...

anything for my beautiful Mia-hope to have you stay again soon.love you all
auntie jessie