Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mia's blanket

Suddenly Mia is all there, staring at us, starting to smile when we rub her cheeks, looking around, getting more vocal, wriggling more strenuously, filling out her 3-6 month clothes, telling us she wants to see the world out of her stroller, raising her voice to be picked up and carried.

She was all eyes when we visited 4D, to introduce Mia to the doctors and nurses who cared so well for her big sister. They held her and enjoyed her weight and strength. They are happy for us that such a difficult time has been followed by such a joyous time. Mia is her own beautiful soul and yet she also comforts us. I love how her baby smell fills her room.

Earlier in the week we visited Bubby for chili and Auntie Raina showed us Mia's blanket and enjoyed her as Bubby looked through Heather's pictures of Sasha to pick one for her wall. Heather provided us a full collection of 5x7 black and whites images of our session. I love the colours in Bubby's house.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mia grows and grows

Mia is just starting to smile and is so content, except when hungry. And since she weighed in at 12.3 at 8 weeks, she's a drinker. So long nights for Pamela and nights where Mia sleeps 4-5 hours. Last few days feels like we may be in for the 8-10 week growth spurt. So all is good with beautiful Mia who is still a baldy. She loves her swing, to stare at faces and light and is such a wriggler. Cant believe she has rolls of fat on her legs and arms. We are introducing her to friends and family and relaxing a little. Boy are the little boos different. Mia latched right away, has only sucked a pacifier a couple times and sleeps. Its been a long time since we posted as we settle into a new life where we love Mia and remember and celebrate Sasha. We have slipped from one extreme to the other and it feels almost wierd to be toting Mia around, just carefree parents of a very robust sweet baby girl.

So the last weeks we visited Jen and Ryder for a home cooked Sunday morning breakfast and relaxed catchup with Sadie and Lucille and then spent a few days at the cottage and then had a barbecue for Paul and Lindsay and the boys from Bermuda with their savage tans, meeting Charlie for the first time. Playing in the garden with the soccer ball by the barbeque made for a lovely night. By our count Paul had no less than 12 beers and then sauntered over to the taxi and was gone. It was penalty shootouts and ball throwing in front of the house and three moms breast feeding.

During Sasha's shiva we reconnected with many people we have not seen the last two years or just generally. 24 years have passed quickly since a dozen of us innocents visited Israel during the Lebanon war in 1982. Sara dropped by with Steve and I got in touch with Jordan. Hitch Hike Mike is back in town to care for a friend who is dying. Then Sara had us over with Leora and Asher and Noah and Aubrey for a sparkling family meal and lots of looking at pictures and maybe a little too much pedriatric medicine: we asked Asher about a small amount of blood in a poop and then we shared with them some of our journey with Sasha. It was very special to have all these kids notice Mia and be around us. Sara has a delightful multi split bungalow showing her special talents in every direction. Its been a treat to be around so many happy kids as Mia grows and grows.