Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mia is three months old today, hooray

Mia has been so sweet and only cries when hungry or tired. Sounds like she is getting her voice!

Happy birthday baby girl, you are so so sweet and wonderful. We love your little smiles and first gurgles of delight.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mia's baby naming

Mia Ruby Stein-Blumberg baby naming, September 17, 2006
Mia's baby naming was a lovely event, in a house filled with people and the sounds of children playing in the backyard. Here is Jessica bringing Mia in to the room and handing her to Henry. She subsequently feel asleep! Shulamidt looked at me with wide open eyes, mouthing, "Is that her? She is so big!"

Here are the notes of my words about her name.

"Thank you for coming today to celebrate and honour Mia Ruby.

Mia’s first name means "Mine" and we remember Marcia's gentle and devoted father Mayer who fixed every broken toy and household appliance, doted on each of us and who came ahead to Canada with Doreen to help bring us to a new life in Toronto.

Mia's second name Ruby remembers Ruth, Pamela's grandmother who passed away last year. Ruth was a strong, determined woman who was on top of family going ons, politics and first run movies to the ripe old age of 95.

Mia's Hebrew name is Mira Ruth.

In Hebrew, Mira means Gods Compassion. She is a vigorous, content, happy feeder with a sweet smile who only cries when she is hungry or tired. She gave us reason for joy even as we grieved for Sasha. r Sasha's death was a blessing to two grieving parents.

Ruth means gentle companion. The Book of Ruth is a very important one, demonstrating the loyalty of a moabite woman to her jewish mother in law, the acceptance of a non jew by jews due to her good deeds, the laws and practises guiding us to care for the poor and hungry in our midst and a happy ending for a strong woman.

We also remember Ruth Koretzky who embodied compassion, gentlessness, perception and great courage.

The birth of Mira was a remarkable act of compassion for Pamela, myself and our whole family.

She was also a gentle companion doing somersaults in Pamela's womb as we lived at Sick Kids Hospital.

However only after her birth did we discover an amazing coincidence. Mira is the first binary star discovered. The second star was first viewed by astronomers in the mid sixteen hundreds. Comprised of two stars orbiting each other, it was only with the Hubble telescope that a distinct feature of Mira was discovered: the two stars appear connected by a plume of gas. The two sisters hearts beat inches apart as Pamela held Sasha close.

When viewing Mia for the first time, three months ago, our friend Wilf remarked to two tired parents who may not believe in or see miracles: what is a miracle but ordinary events with extraordinary timing?

Mira Ruth, you bless us, we hope you enjoy great compassion and loyal companionship, just as your namesakes.

Thanks to Marcia and Heny who opened their house when also hosting events for the South African women for women conference.

I am happy Mia shared her weekend with such strong woman."

In his closing remarks, Rabbi Bielfeld remarked that Mia was also a Hebrew transliteration of "Mi Yah"?: "This is most likely an elliptical form of Mi Ca Yah - Who is like God? - a feminine correspondent of Mi-ca-El - Michael or Michaela. However you trace its derivation, its import is one of wonder, so appropriate for your daughter."

Other friends see the word as meaning Mi Adonai or 'from G-d' along the lines of gift from G-d.

I see in Swedish and Danish it is a pet form of Maria, meaning Beloved. She is all these things as well as content, strong and happy.

A short postit note: beware of only using internet baby name sites when quickly researching baby names as the information is short and sweet and limited, good to say 'something' when you must put together your words quikly but beware of spinning too much of a tale around the baby name sites. Mia is provided typically as a name of Italian origin meaning Mine, I found out after the fact that there is a Hebrew equivalent of interest. Our children are original and deserve original research in specialist forums and texts especially when we often have months heads up.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mia's first Bjorn

Mia Ruby in the Bjorn first timeMia seemed really content in the Bjorn, eyes wide open for about 20 minutes.

And here is the video.

Jessie, Mia and Erin

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mia's first trip to Montreal

Pamela, Mia and Uncle Edward Klar
Bertha's death was not a happy occassion for Mia's first trip to Montreal but it felt better to be all together with the family from Toronto, Edmonton and San Francisco. I love this picture of Uncle Edward having fun with Mia, glad she brought some joy to the rememberance of a great granny.

Mia and Lynn
We stayed with Lynn while in Montreal and its been almost three years since we visited her place. So much has happened in the meantime.

Mia and JessicaMia is over 15 pounds, here is she is after an explosive poop just as we were leaving. Sleep, eat and run as Jessica changes the sheets. Nice auntie she is.