Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mia is 6 months

It was the festival of lights and good food and Mia got her appetite in gear.

Mia on Friday, December 09, 2005, 5:53:10 PM

Our little girl is 24 lbs at 6 months and started gobbling cereals two weeks ago and is now starting on pureed fruit and veg. Amazingly Dr. Peer is betting she will only be about 25 lbs at one year. Ummm. We'll see. She just discovered her ears; we thought she might have an ear ache. Mia is content but loud when hungry or tired or in the mood to sing. She has a lovely laugh and a big wide smile. When she gets excited she gets really big wild eyes, just like her sister. She enjoyed the exersaucer for a while and then when we finally got her into the jolly jumper she was heavy enough to drag it down to her knees. So no jumping. But she started sitting up in the last two weeks and does pretty well supported by a breast feeding pillow. We went awhile not knowing who she looked like but Dad now sees his head and Moms eyes while Mom sees her Dad's head and Dad's eyes. At least we know whose hands she got - those yams are made for bowling. And watch out if you get your face too close to her, she loves to grab your cheeks and really hold on. Yeoow. Mia you are such a delight! Ohh, and after not taking a bottle for the longest time she now sucks back milk from a cheap storage bottle. A foodie after my own heart; can't wait until she is eating with us. Watch out. And that means, oh yes, mom and dad can go out once in awhile without elaborate plans. Almost forgot, she is really drooling, maybe time for some teeth to pop out.

Bubby and Mia after a bath, Thursday, December 08, 2005, 6:53:34 PM