Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WHIMZ Live Animal Programs for a Jonah-man party

Jonah turned 5 and treated his friends to a face to face touchy feely meeting with some very cool live animals. There was a python, chinchilla, rabbit, field mouse and more. Here is Jonah beside his mom wearing the python.
Jonah and mom meeting a python

The kids love WHIMZ, they have programs in their own space on St Clair, camp and school programs and they do house calls for parties.

Dinner with Lily Scarlet, A, H, Er and peanut butter man

Lily, Jason and Mia
Anita and Jay brought Lily Scarlet in from Montreal to meet family and it was great to hang with Er and H and see the two little ones together. Lily is a delight, easy going like mom and dad and all are enjoying this first treasure. Anita is a beautiful mom and Jason is having great success with his blogging, all of which is way way too adult for a link [look up "drinking for two" in Google] except for this pearl for the kid in all of us: "sometimes the smell of peanut butter can be so over whelming but that won't stop me from wearing it."

Sasha and Mia charms

Mia Ruby tries to grab a charms necklace
For Valentines Day Dad bought Mom a mother of pearl butterfly but the silver chain was too small and so the gift was swopped in for an S for Sasha, M for Mia and ziconian ruby heart charm necklace. Mia just loved it, she went bugged eyes, then leaned forward in rapid succession to grab it!

Ethan is 5 years old!

The Singer-Sheps and Blumberg families gathered for Ethan's big boy dinner at home (we were not invited bowling with the 33 friend, smart move). Great food and conversation. Ethan walked all over his cousin's back and walked with cousin Katie on his shoulders. Ethan is quite the host, happy birthday big E.

Ethan clowns around with his cousinsEthan shoulder ride 2

Happy Eight month Mia!

This has been a very busy month with Mia cutting 3 teeth over the last two weeks, wanting to pull herself up to standing before she crawls, leaning forward to give kisses and just being a delicious and happy little girl. Here are some of the happy events this month starting with a play date with Siena Parekh.

Mia's play date with Siena

Jennifer Gould returned home with Braidan and Caitlyn for a visit and Mom and Dad held an open house for all the family and friends. Here are shots of Mia grabbing Jonathan's face, Jennifer and her two cuties and me and the gals.

Mia grabs Jonathan Gould's face

Braiden, Jennifer and Caitlyn

Dad, Mia, Marilyn Gould, Jennifer Gould, Mom and Jillian Gould

Saturday, February 03, 2007

COOKERYDOO - Betsy is two plus two!

Cookerydoo Cooking and Crafts for KidsBetsy had a fun 4th birthday at the Cookerydoo, a cooking and crafts spot on Roncesvales. It is a lovely space that uses the front and back areas really well to prepare, bake, offer up the next craft and keep things nicely moving along. There is lots of space for parents or other aged kids to hang out in whatever area is not the centre of attention for the party. Betsy's Mom was very happy, her words later. Here's how the bash rolled out. Betsy started with rolling and squishing sugar cookie dough in the kitchen.
Betsy rolling sugar cookie dough in the back room at Cookerydoo

We then hung out at the work tables in the front and decorated cake boxes (that the sugar cookies were put into to take home) while the work area was cleaned.

front area of Cookerydoo

Meanwhile the kitchen was preparing toasted cheese sandwiches and fries and its a good thing Mom had her funky shoes on because things really start to move. Cindy's funky boots

We were lead back into the work area with a little game of tippy toe quiet to build up excitement for the snacks and then there was a little free for all toasted cheese and chips. When the kiddies had left their food, the big moment, a very pretty purple cake appeared wrapped in a pink boa with star candles and feather sticks for Betsy. After the candles were smoking, the cake icing sugar was all rolled off to avoid the sugar and the cake refrosted to serve. And it was deliciously moist. Bonus! Betsy is a sweet star

Pamela and Mia Ruby at Cookerydoo for Betsy's 4rth birthday Here is Momma and Mia hanging out in the front during the lunch snack. Seems like Cookerydoo is doing something special turning quality family moments into fun creative adventures in the kitchen with an easy going and well organized team. Cindy, the birthday girl's mom, gave Cookerydoo the big thumbs up: It was awewsome, they were fun, professional and very easy to work with. One of the teachers has experience with kids with special needs and they were sensitive to Betsy's hearing sensitivity and kept the music low until Betsy wanted it louder. And Cookerydoo is SavvyMom approved.