Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Eight month Mia!

This has been a very busy month with Mia cutting 3 teeth over the last two weeks, wanting to pull herself up to standing before she crawls, leaning forward to give kisses and just being a delicious and happy little girl. Here are some of the happy events this month starting with a play date with Siena Parekh.

Mia's play date with Siena

Jennifer Gould returned home with Braidan and Caitlyn for a visit and Mom and Dad held an open house for all the family and friends. Here are shots of Mia grabbing Jonathan's face, Jennifer and her two cuties and me and the gals.

Mia grabs Jonathan Gould's face

Braiden, Jennifer and Caitlyn

Dad, Mia, Marilyn Gould, Jennifer Gould, Mom and Jillian Gould

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