Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dancing in the new year

Mia rang in the new year with her first cold but it isnt slowing her down too much. Happy new year!

We went to La Palette to ring in the new year with a very tasty meal and then had a tasty brunch with the one and only Yvette.

Mia and I met with Shlomit and hung out with baby Zohar for the first time at the local coffee joint.

A lovely dinner with Jill and Jeremy featuring Cumbrae Farm ribeye and buffalo, Pam's famous brussel sprouts and steamed tilapia and whole fish in salt crust for the fishertarians.


Anonymous said...

Pam you are the best dancing mummy since I was with my babies lol. It is Leisa here (all the way in Oz) just wondering - what is the song that Mia and yourself are dancing to? It is just great and I can't say I have heard it before.

Anyway keep up the awesome work - you guys will be on the stage one day!


Anonymous said...

oops shoulda left some addy -

Anonymous said...

Love that video of Pammy! Hilarious! It was awesome having brunch with you guys and getting some quality time with Mia:)

Ski AKA Y-Vette

Anonymous said...

pam thats a pretty great white girl overbite you have there on the dance floor. =)
happy new year!