Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy 7 month birthday Mia!

Mia going for a swim in the big pool with daddy
Here I am a week before my 7th birthday at a big pool and I am really not sure about all that water and those noisy splashing kiddies. For my birthday we went over to Rachel and Doron and Zoe and Meeka for brunch and met lots of new people who wanted to meet the little girl down the street and then we hung out at home because it was so cold, brrrr. I'm eating fruit and vegetables and drinking a little less milk and I love my sleeps. Everyone is surprised my hair is still blond and my eyes are blue. Now I am on the top level for the exersaucer and I love to rock as I sit and reach far for things. I get really excited when I wake up and when its bath time and when I get my mushy food in the colored bowls. I am happy in my crib though sometimes I have bad dreams. When I wake I sing until the funny big people come by to play.
big eyes night of her big swim
Here Auntie Raina gets a giggle with a jiggle on New Years day.

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